Sour Grapes: Skeem Saam Producers Do The Unthinkable After Rachel Kunutu Quits

Sour Grapes: Skeem Saam Producers Do The Unthinkable After Rachel Kunutu Quits

Sour Grapes: Skeem Saam Producers Do The Unthinkable After Rachel Kunutu Quits

When Lesego Marakalla, announced that she was leaving Skeem Saam after nearly a decade of playing Rachel Kunutu, the popular SABC 1 soapie’s producers and creator were apparently devastated and didn’t take the news well.

According to sources they felt like it was a big stab in the back as they had given the young actress a chance and made her a household name. South Africans loved the rebellious character and could relate with her. The soapie released a statement saying

“Lesego is leaving, so she can go back to school full time and that, she isn’t sure if she will ever return to acting”.

Lesego expressed her sadness at leaving the soapie, her gratitude for all the friendships and memories made.

“I will miss my Skeem Saam family dearly. I have been with the show for 8 years and I have created some good friendships and memories!” Lesego expressed.

There are also three actresses that haven’t been in the soapie for a while; Candice (played by Liza van Deventer), Eunice (played by Oratile Maitisa) and 81year old Koko Mantsha (played by Lydia Mokgokoloshi) who sources say, has gone into retirement.

So what makes Lesego’s character different from others?

The writers had huge plans for Rachel Kunutu, a lot of characters’ storylines revolved around her character; Marothi Maphuthuma (her on-screen husband), her on-screen mother; Celia Kunutu and her uncle; Charles Kunutu.

They had made her a permanent character, unlike many actresses who were written out or left and were on-call actors.

Apparently there were many secret meetings with the actress to try to convince her to stay, with sources stating that they even offered her a salary hike but the actress was adamant and had had enough of the industry.

I mean, who studies full-time these days when there are so many distance learning institutions available? Lesego is an award-winning, talented actress who, like Motshidi Motshegwa cannot handle the limelight; she loves the craft but hates what comes with it.

On the latest cover of the soapie’s woman’s month cover on social media, the soapie included all the actresses, including actresses that we haven’t seen in a long time like; Eunice (Oratile Maitisa) and Candice (Liza van Deventer), but excluded Lesego.

A picture says a thousand words!

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