Angry Skomota Fans Vandalize Property Over His No-Show

Angry Skomota Fans Vandalize Property Over His No-Show

Angry Skomota Fans Vandalize Property Over His No-Show

The management team of Thabang Sefala, widely known as Skomota, is currently engaged in intense negotiations with the owners of a lodge in North West. The lodge suffered damage caused by Skomota’s supporters after he failed to appear at an event on New Year’s Day.

Skomota and Tman Xpress were originally booked by Maungo A Matsapa Lodge in Brits to perform at The Fireworks Display Event. However, Skomota did not show up, resulting in disappointed attendees venting their frustration by causing damage to the lodge’s property.

Eyewitnesses reported that many children had attended the event specifically to see Skomota, considering him the main attraction. When he didn’t appear, they felt betrayed by both Skomota and the lodge owners, leading them to vandalize the venue in their anger.

A video circulating on social media even shows a child expressing joy over vandalizing a window at the lodge.

An eyewitness to the incident commented, “It took years to build that place, and people who have failed to build decent toilets for themselves are celebrating that people vandalized years of hard work.”

In response, the lodge owners issued an official statement apologizing for Skomota’s absence: “Skomota, who was booked to perform at Maungo A Matsapa Lodge, decided to pull a no-show on us, which left our customers and management deeply disappointed.”

Skomota has since issued an apology, attributing his absence to “life problems.” However, he assured his supporters that he would make it up to them and promised to return to Brits to mesmerize them with his performance.

In a video statement accompanied by his guardian and manager, Kholofelo Makgata (known as Moruti wa Dikota), Skomota expressed his regrets for not being able to attend the event. Makgata further stated, “But we promise you, people of Brits who support Skomota, we will make it up to you. It was circumstances beyond our control, but we will come.”

When contacted by Sunday World, Skomota’s management acknowledged the vandalism incident and stated that they were dealing with it privately and professionally in consultation with the event organizers. They requested space and time to reach a resolution with the establishment before discussing the matter further with the media.

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