Nota Baloyi Demands Justice For AKA

Nota Baloyi Demands Justice For AKA

Nota Baloyi Demands Justice For AKA

Self-proclaimed music exec and businessman Nota Baloyi demands justice for late rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes—better known by his stage name, AKA.

AKA was assassinated together with his close friend Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane while they were on Florida Road in Durban.

It has been over 3 months since they were assassinated, but the perpetrators have not yet been nabbed. The final moments of the two were captured on CCTV. There haven’t been any concrete leads on the subject to date. This is true despite the several false leads that the media reports.

Nota expressed his concerns over the #JusticeForAKA movement’s silence on Twitter and stated that the only thing that should be funded is the prosecution of their assassins.“What happened to #JusticeForAKA? He was a cash cow when he was alive & now they are milking him in death… God did not call Kiernan, he was murdered in cold blood. Not a cent should be spent on anything other than bringing his killers to justice!”

Reports that the murder weapon used to assassinate the late rapper had been found were recently refuted by police. As such, SAPS released a statement addressing the matter at hand by rubbishing the claims. The statement read in part:

“Some media houses, who clearly seem hell-bent to botch any police endeavours to find the killers and bring justice to the families of the victims, started the day on Tuesday morning with unsubstantiated rumours and malicious allegations about the recovery of the so-called murder weapon.”

Shared by Durban SAPS’ provincial police spokesperson Lt-Col Robert Netshiunda, went on to highlight the effects of the constant paddling of unconfirmed leads by sharing:

“This insensitive, unethical and inconsiderate reporting has great potential of arming the persons of interest with ammunition to further complicate police progress into the matter.”

“Journalists are also advised against formulating uncorroborated allegations for the sole reason of triggering a reaction or soliciting commentary from the police. The zeal to break the story should never surpass the responsibility to report truthfully and ethically.”

“I don’t want to say no I don’t think there will ever be arrests, I just don’t know if there will ever be arrests… I want to believe that the law will run it’s course. And the investigation will be handled in the best way possible. I don’t want to be negative and not believe that will happen, it’s just not the most important thing for me. Because nothing will bring him back.

“I believe that obviously this is an organised crime, this is a hit. We all saw the video… so I do believe somebody is behind this. There are two things here, somebody who pulled a trigger. And I don’t think it would help me if I knew who that person was.”

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