AKA Pokes Fun At Riky Rick And Cassper

AKA Pokes Fun At Riky Rick And Cassper

AKA Pokes Fun At Riky Rick And Cassper

AKA has once again poked fun at the Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick fall out by reigniting the whole debacle surrounding Cassper’s ‘To Who It May Concern’, from his fifth studio album ‘Any Minute Now’. Cassper and Riky’s friendship was amongst the most celebrated in the music industry but all came crashing down to the point where Cassper laid all his feelings on his song.

Rapper AKA asking him a few questions about the album. One follower asked did he have a good listen to the album, and he responded by saying he does not listen to SA rapper’s albums because he does not want to know what they are doing or what they sound like.

After confessing that his favourite song is To Whom It May Concern, AKA decided to poke fun again and this time around directed his message at Riky.

“How do you come up with all these crazy catchphrases/hooks bro? @rikyrickworld … hectic. I thought you loved me. Smh,” tweeted AKA. He continued by adding, “As a Coloured person I read/say/sing it as … u-ngang-gnish-ung-Ngang-Nish. Is that close enough?”

However he has heard snippets of the album and was pretty impressed, he said: “…it doesn’t sound too bad.”

A follower said, “I see “I thought you loved me” is your favourite line @akaworldwide. Mine is “I don’t know my fate, but I know my faith.” You and I love Cass.” AKA respoded by saying, “to be quite honest … I’ve never listened to any of his albums. Like not even one.”

One tweet that caught people’s attention was his humorous response when asked what is his favourite song. He replied with “I thought you loved me” which was a direct dig at the ‘beef’ between Riky Rick and Cassper Nyovest.

After fans heard his ‘To Whom It May Concern’ single, they advised Riky to reach out to Cassper as they thought he is hurting. Riky then responded by saying “EISH, funny thing we’ve spoken privately so dunno where that “explanation” of what happened came from. I’ll keep reaching out to him, but I’m also getting tired of my name coming up when I relaxing nicely minding my business. It’s like yall want me to put the full story on wax.”

Things escalated with Riky poking fun at Cass shouting ‘I thought you loved me’ at the end of the song. Cassper has not yet responded to Riky’s rant publicly.

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