Zwelinzima Vavi’s 7-year-old grandson tests positive for Covid-19

Zwelinzima Vavi’s 7-year-old grandson tests positive for Covid-19

On 2 April , SA Federation of Trade Unions’ (Saftu) general secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi, tested positive for Covid-19 and has since been hospitalised.

Before his sudden hospitalisation, the 57-year-old took to Twitter to thank everyone who has been sending him well wishes and shared how his health has been since testing positive for coronavirus. “Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support, they have strengthened me and my resolve to continue to fight against the coronavirus,” he said in a video.

With a visible shortness of breath, Vavi continued; “As I have said before, we will be the last standing and the coronavirus will run. We are determined, and we know that every battle must be won first in the mind before anything else.”

In the video, he is sitting at a desk with a bookshelf behind him. Vavi is wearing a mask that he seems to have lowered for the purpose of communicating clearly. He then went on to give all his followers an update on his health.

“I feel fine. I’ve just a bit of a heavy chest and lungs which I am going to have checked out by doctors now. They will also check my oxygen levels, but I think I will be fine thereafter, I need lots of rest. Everybody at home got tested and their results came back negative, except, unfortunately, the lastborn at home – my son’s seven-year-old twin. The doctor’s advice is that the kids run this thing off without taking any medicine. My wife’s result came back clear, she just needs to go again but I’m sure she’s fine,” he shared.

Vavi concluded by asking South Africans to continue praying for not only his family, but for the millions of people who have been affected by the virus, as well as the healthcare workers.

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