Zuluboy leaves Durban Gen for Shauwn Mkhize (MaMKhize)

Zuluboy leaves Durban Gen for Shauwn Mkhize (MaMKhize)

Zuluboy leaves Durban Gen for Shauwn Mkhize (MaMKhize)

Actor Zuluboy has dumped the e.tv series Durban Gen, to focus on his music. The actor, whose real name is Mxolisi Majozi from KwaMashu in Durban, played MacGyver on the show, which was recently canned.

He said his music and other businesses have kept him busy.

“I’m a busy man. I recently released a song titled Bambethela, with former TKZee member S’bu ‘AmaLoya’ Ntshangase. For me to be featured on the song is an honour. I still can’t believe that S’bu chose me. It means a lot,” said Zuluboy.

He said S’bu asked him to produce and sing the song, which is Afro-soul.

He also revealed that he has been hired by Royal AM, where he works with Shauwn Mkhize.

Zuluboy said his busy schedule made him arrive late to work at some point.

“I would sometimes arrive late to work,” he said.

“That inconvenienced everything including the shooting schedule.

“So I thought instead of creating a bad name for myself and to avoid being accused of not respecting work, I must leave. And I left to focus on my businesses and music,” said Zuluboy.

He said he will always be grateful for the opportunity to be on Durban Gen.

“That show was like my home. The cast members and the whole crew were like my family. We treated each other in a funny and respectful way. I will always be grateful,” he said.

Zuluboy said he’ll release more music soon.

“My fans must expect great music and other things. It feels good to be in this position after Covid-19. That thing left most of us broke. But I can see now that we’re starting to get back on our feet again,” said Zuluboy.

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