Zolisa Xaluva Returns To Our Screens Starring in “Smoke & Mirrors”

Zolisa Xaluva Returns To Our Screens Starring in “Smoke & Mirrors”

Zolisa Xaluva Returns To Our Screens Starring in “Smoke & Mirrors”

zolisa xaluva returns to our screens via Smoke & Mirr

e.TV confirmed that its long-time-running isiZulu soapie Imbewu was set to end on Friday, 14 April 2023. This meant that there was an opening for a new show to take over the coveted time slot on the channel. As such, in March 2023, it was confirmed that The Final Chapter Production company would helm the upcoming soapie that was to replace Imbewu.

Smoke & Mirrors is set in the landscape of a small mining town called Emnyameni. Here, we come to learn that the story lives up to its name- nothing and no one is true as they seem. Introducing the character of Thandiswa, a hairdresser by day, an escort by night, and a girl on a mission to rid the town of “The Unholy Trinity”, the group of morally corrupt men who run Emnyameni.

In light of the nearing end of Imbewu, eTV has shared more details on Smoke & Mirror’s main cast and the supporting trailer ahead of the premiere.

Zolisa Xaluva returns to our screens via Smoke & Mirrors

e.TV has shared an official statement confirming the main cast members for the upcoming soapie Smoke and Mirrors. The series is a female-led series as the official statement has confirmed that upcoming actress Ayanda Bandla has been selected to play the title role of Thandiswa Mseleku.

However, it is probably the lead male actor who will excite viewers to watch. This is as leading man Zolisa Xaluva has been confirmed as the title lead antagonist in the story as he is set to portray the leader of The Unholy Trinity Caesar, who is described as “the alpha and a cut-throat businessman who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.”

Additionally, the official statement went on to share the remaining main cast:

“We then meet Jaxon with an ‘X’, yes an ‘X’… He’s played by Meshack Mavuso – Magabane. He’s our flashy mayor and tends to live way beyond his means. Then, we’re introduced to Mthetho played by Kabomo Vilakazi. He’s the town’s police commissioner. Mthetho lives a double life that will one day catch up with him.”

Moreover, other veteran actors that are set to join the cast were included in the statement when stating, “amongst all these characters, there’s one matriarch in town whom everyone respects- Nomvea played by Charmaine Mtinta, she’s a powerful sangoma who no one can mess with but is he a match for Virginia, played by Zinhle Mabena, wife to the Alpha Caesar.”

Besides the leading actors, who have a proven track record. It seems that the channel and production company is investing in new and unseen talent. This is as it shared by the newcomers who will be joining the main cast which include:

“Khayalethu Xaba, and he plays the character of Mpendulo Mseleku, Thandiswa’s son. He’s a street-smart kid in his teens. Then, there’s Martha played by Lusanda Mbane. She’s a former sex worker and a two-star hotel owner in Emnyameni. And then, in comes, the town’s lovely couple-Nthabiseng portrayed by Angela Sithole, and Sakhile played by Siya Raymond.”

Watch the official teaser trailer of Smoke & Mirrors below:

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