Zoleka Mandela speaks on dating on dating broke men

Zoleka Mandela speaks on dating on dating broke men

Zoleka Mandela speaks on dating on dating broke men

<img data-src=”https://“What must happen if I continuously date men who never make more money than I do and who I’m always taking care of? Why can’t they do the synchronised swimming, car pooling and crocheting if I’m paying for everything?” she asked.

She threw back to a post 11 years ago about relationships and said her biggest problem was now dating broke men.

“Relationships with broke men that can’t take care of me financially and they’re expensive penises (that make my vagina make poor life decisions for me that result in parting with so much money) are my biggest problem. Just show me the money!

“Zoleka Mandela concurs with her therapist of 11 yrs, and is still yet to answer one of her questions: Why does Zoleka Mandela think she deserves the very little the men she often chooses offer her? Why?”

Zoleka recently revealed that she is pregnant with her sixth child, and joked that she would have to throw a baby shower just to afford things.

“I should probably start planning a baby shower, although I despise those so very much. The speeches, the games, the spotlight, the surprises, the opening of gifts in front of everyone: It’s all just gross, man! I need the gifts though, so I don’t have to buy everything else myself.

“According to my baby budget: things, as per usual, are going to be even more expensive as a single parent but certainly manageable!”elegance7.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Zoleka-Mandela4.jpg” alt=”” width=”1080″ height=”1350″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-68183″ />

Author Zoleka Mandela had the TL in meltdown mode this week when she dished on dating “broke” men, asking why she has to constantly take care of them?

Zoleka, who is the granddaughter of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, took to Instagram to joke about the struggles of dating while a single mom.

“There are two things my therapist insinuates about me that I can’t say are not true — 1. I’ll probably be in therapy for the rest of my life and 2. In relationships, I’m usually the common denominator.

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