Zola 7 shares precious moment with 83-year-old fan

Zola 7 shares precious moment with 83-year-old fan

Zola 7 shares precious moment with 83-year-old fan

Zola 7 shared a heartfelt moment with a fan recently while he was in the Eastern Cape.

The Kwaito star shared a video of their interaction saying he wanted to show her appreciation as she was out to celebrate her 83rd birthday. “I met up necherry yami while I was in Aliwal North this past weekend. Her grandkids took her out for lunch because it was her 83rd birthday so I sat at her table to appreciate her and wish her more healthy years,” Zola wrote.

Zola 7 has always been a star of the people.

Any opportunity he gets, he makes sure to acknowledge his fans, whether young or old.

After his lengthy hiatus due to health complications, the star took time to greet his fans at his first public appearance in Mpumalanga at the Strictly Kwaito Legends Festival.

Zola7 was visibly emotional at the concert after his fans and fellow artists in the kwaito fraternity showed up for him.

“Thank you for dragging me out of my house to come here, because I’ve been in the house for too long. I’ve been sick for too long,” he told TshisaLIVE.

“It’s no longer about doing Zola 7 as a show, now it must be a revolution. Everybody must be involved.”

The kwaito festival was held in his honour but Zola said he wished it didn’t take a tragedy or death to acknowledge music legends.

“It’s overwhelming and humbling and I wish they do it for other artists as well. Unfortunately, others are gone. I was with Mandoza’s wife, he is no more. When this happens while you’re still alive, it’s quite humbling because most of the things get done when people are gone.

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