Zodwa Wabantu’s monthly salary shocks Mzansi

Zodwa Wabantu’s monthly salary shocks Mzansi

Zodwa Wabantu’s monthly salary shocks Mzansi

Zodwa Rebecca Libram is one of the most celebrated entertainers in South Africa, popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu. She has undoubtedly enjoyed the share of fame that comes with her celebrity status.

Despite sometimes making headlines for wrong reasons, Wabantu seems to be minding her own business. Recently she saw herself trending after she revealed her new Ben 10. Wabantu is best known for splashing hefty amounts on his Ben 10’s, from expensive engagement rings to lobola payments.

However, her thrust into the limelight came a bit late, but she has lived large since then. Zodwa WaBantu rose to fame after being spotted dancing at a Durban based Eyadini Lounge; ever since she came into the spotlight, the Queen of Vosho never looked back.

She acknowledges that people made her hence embracing the Wabantu name. The 35-year-old exotic dancer was born on the 30th of October, 1985.

“The people made me, and I belong to the people; without the people, there is no Zodwa WaBantu; I let my fans touch me because I live for them.”

Despite being a celeb, Zodwa hasn’t kept her love life under wraps. Before her new relationship, Zodwa was once engaged to the 24-year-old Ntobeko Linda.

She, however, announced a few months later that their relationship had ended and called off their wedding. Zodwa WaBantu paid R90 000 Lobola for Ntobeko, which she later claimed and recovered from the family after they broke up.

“When we dated, fame got into his head and he started behaving like Chris Brown but I am not Rihanna, I am Zodwa WaBantu”

Yes! She paid R90 0000 for lobola. It is in the backdrops of these dramas that have led Mzansi to connect the dots when it comes to how much she earns. Zodwa WaBantu is worth $500 000; she made her $100 000 in 2018 after signing a contract with MojaLove to star in her reality show, Zodwa WaBantu Uncensored.

However, apart from endorsement deals, the exotic dancer has a cosmetic line of range. We can all agree that she is a jack of all trades and master of all. When the lockdown was introduced to create more income streams, she ventured into the egg selling business. Also, a few months after launching her eggs business Wabantu launched her Undertaker company.

A few months later, she pulled a shocker when she indicated that she earns a lot of money through advertisements. Zodwa revealed that her promotional ads vary, but they don’t come cheap, with some of them going as far as R12000.

She has nothing much to show as she keeps everything simple. Just like those before her, she has a fleet of exotic cars and mansions across Mzansi.

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