The Queen actress Zenande On The Pressures To Find Love

The Queen actress Zenande On The Pressures To Find Love

The Queen actress and new mom Zenande Mfenyane recently opened up about the pressures from society to have her first child (this is before her baby was born). Also, the star was constantly reminded that she was running out of time to find love. Despite all the negativity, she’s glad she never let go of faith as she’s now found love and a mother to a healthy baby girl. She revealed this through a tweet.

“I was told “ole fetwa” “your biological clock is ticking” “you can forget about finding love” and I chose to mute those negative voices and chose to listen to what God was saying about my life. I’m glad I chose to listen to God, coz look at my life now” she tweeted.

Earlier in the month, Zenande did admit to falling into the trap of believing that the love bus had left her behind. “To think that there was a time I thought the love bus had left me soaked and alone at the bus stop, that I’d never find true love or be somebody’s Mama…but mercy said NO! Just look at God now! My life is everything with these 2 people in my life. Happy 1st Mother’s Day to me.”

In another tweet, the actress shared with her followers that during her days in varsity, she used to put her hairdryer underneath her blanket to keep warm during winter.

“Guys, fresh out of varsity before I could afford to buy myself an electric blanket, I would switch on my hairdryer underneath the duvet, and it would get so nice and warm. What did you do keep warm before you could afford the luxuries you have now?”

This Mother’s Day, 9 May 2021, marked the actress’ first Mother’s Day as a mom and to mark the special occasion, Zenande gave her fans a glimpse of what newborn her baby looks like. Zenande shared images of herself carrying her daughter on her back.

On the 14th of May, Mfenyane took to her favourite social media platform – Twitter – to reveal that she’s sometimes in awe of the fact that she’s now a mommy.

“Guys I’ve been added to the “moms and babes” WhatsApp group. Like it shocks me every time that I’m someone’s mom Balloon one day it will be parent’s meetings, ndikhulile mos.”

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