Ze “Miss Shozi” Becomes a Hollywood Wax Girl!

Ze “Miss Shozi” Becomes a Hollywood Wax Girl!

Ze “Miss Shozi” Becomes a Hollywood Wax Girl!

Ze Shozi might not be an actor, musician, or reality star. But the socialite and part-time influencer has become somewhat of her household name. Initially, it was due to affiliation to sister and controversial influencer Sithelo Shozi , who has the two have two children with reality star and trust fund multi-millionaire baby, Andile Mpisane.

But it is arguably their breakup and subsequent divorce from her husband earlier this year that she gained attention due to how ruthless returning entertainment commentator Musa Khawula has been in terms of dragging Miss Shozi and her sister Sithelo.

While Sithelo in recent months hasa twar and social media back-and-forth with what feels like the entire Mpisane. Whether it was Sithelo versus Sbahle, or Sithelo versus matriarch Shauwn Mkhize. Ze Shozi has had to deal with the continuous suggestions that she is broke following her divorce from her now ex-husband Monwabisi Mcinga.

Ze “Miss Shozi” is a Hollywood wax girl!

All seemed to have started on Friday, 25 November 2022, when looking at the activity and when Ze is believed to have deactivated her Instagram account. For those that follow and are notified whenever Shozi posts. It seems they got front-row seats to all the tea in real-time.

While the timeline might be busy attempting to discern who is Miss Shozi, whether or not it is who we think it is and how she made the mistake of sharing her preferred wax style on the blue app. It seems that Ze’s Sithelo could not be bothered as she has transferred her energy to curating her Instagram stories.

This is as it seems that Sithelo took to her stories and shared just what type of wax she gets when she visits the spa or wax technician. Seemingly warned quickly about the fact that what she had posted might not be what she might have wanted to post, Ze was quick about taking down the image. But instead of just taking the image down and keeping it moving, she opted to deactivate the entire account.

However, due to how quickly Ze aka Miss Shozi due to the POPIA and the restrictions the act has had on social media and the distribution of explicit content, had deleted the image and deactivated her account. The matter was bubbling under. This was until some anonymous and burner Twitter accounts cropped up and began to share Miss Shozi’s debut image on the timeline again.

Her latest post since the circulation of her sister’s preferred wax style seems to suggest that her sister’s name and the image are now going viral. This is her latest sees Sithelo continue to prepare to face her own enemies that she might believe she has and how exactly she is planning to address them in the future.

Ze “Miss Shozi” Becomes a Hollywood Wax Girl!

But Ze has not returned to the socials since the image was leaked and she deactivated her accounts thereafter. This begs the question as to whether or not the image was mistakenly leaked or could it be that Ze was a victim
of someone hacking her accounts. A fact that the public might not believe considering just how they feel about her.

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