Zakes Bantwini reportedly sued for R2.4 million

Zakes Bantwini reportedly sued for R2.4 million

Zakes Bantwini reportedly sued for R2.4 million

Grammy Award winner Zakes Bantwini has been reportedly slapped with a R2.4 Million lawsuit, following claims of a breach of contract. The Osama hitmaker has retaliated by demanding royalties from Paradise Africa record label.

It appears Zakes Bantwini’s celebrations after bagging a Grammy Award have been cut short. Following being allegedly sued by Paradise Africa record label for a whooping R2.4 million rand. According to Bona Magazine, Bantwini’s lawsuit comes after the record label’s recommendations of a breach of contract.

Paradise Africa record label continues to mention that the Mayoni Production owner’s breach of contract was signing a deal with another competitor, Universal Music. In his defense, Bantwini confirmed the deal with Universal Music but further denied there was any breach of contract.

“the record company served the Bayethe hitmakers company, Mayoni Production with a lawsuit for a breach of contract by accusing them of signing a deal with a rival record label Universal Music. Madida confirmed making the deal but denied it was a breach of contract. The musician and producer didn’t take things lying down, after being served with a lawsuit he turned things around and demanded payment of his royalties” wrote Bona Magazine

Over the weekend Zakes Bantwini and wife Nandi Madida were spotted at an event celebrating the Grammy win. Even though the win did not come easy as Bantwini was up against the toughest competition including Nigerian’s very own superstar, Burna Boy.

Burna Boy has been very salty about losing the Grammy Award to South Africa. A couple of times he took to social media to slam for Recording Academy for snubbing his obvious win.

Evidently, this loss came very unexpectedly as Burna Boy’s hit song Last Last suddenly became an anthem of a song. Taking to Instagram, Burna Boy has taken another swing at the Grammy’s while calling out the Grammy’s for robbing him.

“The Grammys is full of shit and lies! We all know that. Nobody else deserves that shit but me. They can’t stop me not now not ever!!!” wrote Burna Boy

Surrounding his alleged ongoing woes with Paradise Africa record label, Zakes Bantwini has retaliated and demanded his royalties. In addition to his outcries, Bantwini is also accusing the record label for making a remix of his hit song Osama without his consent.

Bona Magazine also reported that according to The South African,

“Although the Bayethe hitmaker reportedly agreed that he had concluded an agreement with PAD’s rival company, he denied the claims that he was in breach of the contract. Zakes Bantwini reportedly claimed that the new deal enabled PAD the legal rights to continue exploiting the album. The recording artist also reportedly claimed that PAD had not suffered any damages, saying that they had continued to exploit the album.”

Reportedly, Zakes Bantwini’s owed royalties date back to 2021 and he has been pleading with the court to have the Paradise Africa record label pay what is due to him.

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