Influencer Cyan Boujee exposed in extortion scandal

Influencer Cyan Boujee exposed in extortion scandal

Influencer Cyan Boujee exposed in extortion scandal

Brand Influencer Cyan Boujee has been making rounds on social media over damning allegations that has been leveled against her. According to social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Cyan Boujee has been called out for allegedly extorting money and a car.

Cyan Boujee has been dragged for filth on social media over claims relating to allegedly extorting money and car, Mini Cooper. However, the brand influencer and DJ has come forth to clear the air after being dragged for over two days on social media over the damning allegations and claims that has been leveled against her.

In a video posted by social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Cyan Boujee has been named and shamed by a lady called Doro Mongy, who is the sister to Kagiso Lerutla, the very same Kagiso Lerutla that was reportedly to have something going on with Cyan Boujee. The allegations states that Cyan Boujee has allegedly extorted money as well as a Mini Cooper from from Kagiso Lerutla while allegedly faking that she was pregnant with his child.

Taking to social media, Cyan Boujee has issued a statement clearing her name over the damning allegations leveled against her. Saving her own skin, she has relayed and divulged very intimate details of the pregnancy she had with her boyfriend, Bramzy Rich, which unfortunately they lost the baby early this year.

“Cyan Boujee releases a statement saying she was pregnant with Bamzey Riches’ baby & unfortunately they lost their baby She clarifies that she never tried to extort money from Kagiso which is debatable according to Doro Mongy who said Cyan extorted a Mini Cooper from her brother” wrote Musa Khawula

Initially it was reported that Doro Mongy, sister to Kagiso Lerutla has said that Cyan Boujee is blackmailing her brother by faking pregnancy. The reports went to further explain that a DNA test was required to prove whether or not the baby is actually Kagiso Lerutla. Meanwhile, Kagiso Lerutla is reportedly to be married.

In the video, Kagiso Lerutla’s sister Doro Mongy can be heard going on a rant while blasting Cyan Boujee from the claims she has raised against her involving her brother. There’s a 3 part video where Doro Mongy is speaking on the Cyan Boujee situation that involves her married brother.

“Doro Mongy says Cyan Boujee is blackmailing his brother Kagiso Lerutla by faking her pregnancy. Doro Mongy says they want a DNA test to prove paternity. She further say Cyan Boujee must focus on her Nigerian boyfriend and leave married Kagiso Lerutla alone” wrote Musa Khawula

Cyan Boujee has gone on to issue a statement refuting these claims and allegations. In the statement, Cyan Boujee has rubbished all the claims and allegations leveled against her while asking for time to moan the loss of her unborn child. She went on to explain how she never extorted money nor faked any pregnant with Kagiso Lerutla in the very first place.

“I would never attempt to fake an entire pregnancy for clout. me and my baby daddy (Bramzy Rich) did have a baby planned and we did get pregnant but unfortunately we lost our baby earlier this year. I have not been with any other person that was claimed to be my baby daddy at all. And I have not been pregnant before that. I have also not threatened anyone for any amount of money” reads Cyan Boujee’s statement

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