Zahara on alcohol abuse & breaking up with Boyfriend

Zahara on alcohol abuse & breaking up with Boyfriend

Miss Mkutukana has opened up about her love life with an ex-boyfriend whom she had hoped to marry one day, and her abuse for alcohol.

For the most part of last year, South African songstress Zahara hogged headlines for all the wrong reasons, from alcohol addiction to alleged bankruptcy and Debt. Having said that, the Loliwe hit-maker is unfazed by the bad publicity she’s gotten in the past and has revealed that she has come out a better person from all the troubles she has faced.

In a recent interview with the family magazine, Drum, the songstress opened up on her love life, her struggle with alcohol addiction and the real reason why she broke up with her fiancé. Speaking to the publication she revealed that she is now a changed person and no longer abuses alcohol to escape her sorrows.

‘I love the woman I’ve become. Nothing really bothers me. I have been criticised, hurt and labelled all sorts of things but I continue to stand firm because I know my purpose – to heal people through my music. That makes me sleep at night.’

Speaking about her love life, Zahara revealed that she hasn’t had much luck in finding a person who is compatible with her. Zahara also added that she had hoped that she would get married to her former boyfriend, Ian Sihle, a motivational speaker, but unfortunately things turned out for the worst.

‘Dating hasn’t been easy. I’m Zahara, for crying out loud. He was a lovely guy, but that’s not enough. I won’t explain too much but love alone was just not enough. To say, ‘I love you’ does not matter, I need actions – show me. A guy doesn’t have to show me with money. I never needed anything from anyone. I don’t need a holiday, just show me you love me. I realised I was dating a fan,’ concluded Zahara.

Zahara handled the break-up with dignity, deleting pictures of her ex-boyfriend from her social-media platforms while quietly nursing her broken heart.

Zahara on alcohol abuse & breaking up with Boyfriend

‘As I grow older, I’m learning more about what I want in a relationship. I’m looking for a king to balance me.

‘I am Zahara, a creative, a healer through music and no one can change that. It’s God’s purpose for me.’

Zahara’s manager and cousin, Oyama Dyosiba also reinforced the musician’s remarks.

‘At the beginning of last year, I told her to get rid of any toxic relationships. She’s now a lioness on the loose, looking for a prince or a king. And I won’t settle for less than what I deserve.
Many kings want me, but I am weighing my options. I’d rather wait for Mr Right because I’ve been burnt dating fans.’

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