Why Minnie Dlamini ended her marriage – Fans speculate

Why Minnie Dlamini ended her marriage – Fans speculate

Why Minnie Dlamini ended her marriage – Fans speculate

News of Minnie Dlamini and husband Quinton Jones’ divorce has rocked Mzansi…and for many they didn’t see it coming!

The striking couple – who wed in 2017 – never showed any signs of trouble in paradise…or did they? According to some tweeps, the writing has been on the wall for a long time coming…

According to eagled-eyed followers, Minnie Dlamini dropped ‘Jones’ from her Instagram account in the lead-up to her divorce announcement.

In October last year, Minnie Dlamini was criticized after she posted pictures of her in the nude, save for a blonde wig covering her lady bits.

Many followers suggested that Quinton and his family would naturally be upset by the pics.

“We don’t really want to see a married woman n#de”; “I feel sorry for her in-laws” and “Don’t forget you are Mrs Jones” were some of the comments left under the post.

Some fans have claimed Minnie Dlamini’s close friendship with Unathi Nkayi – who is also divorced – may have influenced her.

One tweep posted: “I knew it that umjita’s marriage is in danger and about to collapse when his wife started hanging out with people (friends) who are not married (single people & divorcee).

Another added: “I blame Unathi for Minnie Dlamini’s divorce. That woman I don’t trust her”. A third tweeted: “Most of her friends, actually all of them are single. And they are always out, you can’t be doing all of that when you are married”.

Producer Quinton Jones may be in the entertainment business – but he is strictly behind the camera and notoriously private. The 38-year-old doesn’t even have a social media account.

Many tweeps have speculated that Minnie Dlamini’s outgoing personality clashed with Quinton’s introverted one.

One tweep said: “Minnie and Quinton were a mismatch. Guy is too chilled and private. Minnie likes the high and busy life. It wasn’t going to work out”.

Another added: “I saw it coming….Minnie entered the marriage as a celebrity and not as a makoti willing to be submissive”.

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