Where did Skeem Saam’s Molefi Monaisa (Wallet) disappear to?

Where did Skeem Saam’s Molefi Monaisa (Wallet) disappear to?

Where did Skeem Saam’s Molefi Monaisa (Wallet) disappear to?

Skeem Saam viewers have wondered if talented actor Molefi Monaisa, who played Wallet is returning to the show. His last appearance was in the spelling bee competition episode in December 2021 on the SABC1 soapie.

The 49-year-old actor Molefi Monaisa revealed to Drum in May 2021 that playing the role of Wallet in Skeem Saam has been one of the greatest pleasures of his career.

The fan-favourite character Wallet recites poetry on the hills on Turfloop, loves drinking tea, carries his briefcase everywhere, and nails his British accent to perfection.

Monaisa says his character was a writer, actor, and director in his past life, who’s been all over the world and spent about eight or nine years in England and was a native there in his mind.

“Even though he is well-read and well-traveled, he squandered it all and had to return home to Turfloop. It is sad that there are people like him who end up sitting in townships with fancy degrees, but they drank themselves into poverty”.

“I remember when reading the script for the first time, I was like aah I know this guy. I know many of them. It is sad that people go through such hardship to end up like Wallet. A lot of the times their egos get the better of them and they do not listen to sound advice when they are squandering their wealth.”

Though it’s unclear what the actor Molefi Monaisa is doing in 2023, he revealed to Move in 2017 that he loves playing Wallet and he’s not planning to leave Skeem Saam anytime soon.

He also revealed that his love for theatre will always be there and he’ll continue doing theatre productions: “Theatre will always be my favourite. I’ll soon be in a play called Madam President.” Sowetan reported in August 2021 that Monaisa also appeared in a play called Nongogo.

The actor has also appeared in TV shows as:

Smokey on SABC2’s sitcom Ga Re Dumele from season three to six;
Daniel Phute in a show called One Way for two seasons;
A royal healer in season one of The Throne and a judge to Jo Seseane in season one of Thola;
Siya in Lockdown season five; and
Tommy “Hillfigga” Ditheko in Hillside season two.

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