What you need to know about Rami Chuene: Biography: Age, Family

What you need to know about Rami Chuene: Biography: Age, Family

What you need to know about Rami Chuene: Biography: Age, Family

Rami Chuene is a woman of many hats, a South African actress, emcee, singer, and author and one who stands out in her adopted roles. Born in Limpopo, she evinced a vibrant personality when she was young and knew quite early that she was cut for the world of film. Although she got pregnant at 19, that did not bury her acting dreams.

Born in 19735, she’s currently 47 years

Rami Chuene sired not one but three daughters from her previous marriage to Tsepo Desando. She had her first daughter (Kefiloe) and a second (Nthateng). The third daughter (Botshelo) came much later.

Just about everyone who decides to marry wants to have a wonderful union with a partner that is loveable and reliable at once – a partner that wouldn’t abuse them. Well, that was Rami Chuene’s hope at the outset.

The year of the marriage is unknown, but it was obvious she was pretty young at the time. The couple dated for six months and got married.

Rami Chuene divorced her husband and fellow actor Tsepo Desando soon after she married him. Unfortunately, her church stigmatized her for filing for a divorce in 2017, leading her to quit the congregation.

What you need to know about Rami Chuene: Biography: Age, Family

Looking back, according to her, getting a divorce was one of her biggest and best decisions.

Like Rami Chuene herself, her husband holds several offices, including entrepreneur, singer, and emcee.

Net Worth
Rami Chuene’s exact net worth is unknown, but industry insiders count her among the millionaires in South African film. Given her contributions to the development of the industry, one shouldn’t be surprised.

Rami Chuene has got a nice crib that just about anyone should be chuffed to check out. Although not exactly the noisy type, she had once shown a picture of her crib on Twitter, but without the details, her fans would have loved to see it. At any rate, it was clear she’s a lover of greens.

Rami Chuene loves cars and indulges that love without apologies. Among the cars she’s said to own are a Range Rover, a BMW and a Hyundai. Earlier this year, she had gone into a partnership with Avari Cars, a wholly black-owned dealership.

The partnership was said to have netted her another car. Rami Chuene encourages her compatriots to patronize the brand, as they have just about any car imaginable for sale.

Rami Chuene might be counted among the early birds in the sense that she began her acting career quite early – in her teens. While pursuing at the Teknikon Pretoria (now the Tshwane University of Technology), she had dropped out of school to focus on acting full time because, according to her, she was already being cast in important roles, and she didn’t want to lose the opportunity of making a name for herself in the industry.

Over time, women in South Africa have proved their worth in the entertainment industry. For instance, Rami Chuene is one of the South African female celebrities who are doing exceptionally well. She doubles up as an actress and an author. However, not so many people know much about Rami except for what they usually watch on screens. To avoid speculations, read on to know more crucial information about this gorgeous actress that you did not know before.

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