What is Cindy Makhathini up to now?

What is Cindy Makhathini up to now?

What is Cindy Makhathini up to now?

South African Instagram baddie, Cindy Makhathini is a celebrated influencer who has fast become a brand thanks to her huge social media following.

She had her thrust into the limelight at the age of 17 and has since been winning big. However, despite her newfound fame, she has had her fair of drama.

She had her thrust into the limelight after her alleged affair with a minister made rounds on social media. Her alleged affair with the minister saw her being listed amongst celebs who allegedly date rich men for a soft life.

She was implicated in an affair with the former Minister of Finance of South Africa.

In the backdrop of the headlines, she went on to leak a solo intimate video of the minister after being allegedly dumped for another side chick.

The scandal saw the minister apologising and resigning. However, the love triangle saw Cindy Makhathini gaining a huge social media following. Over the years, she has kept her private life under wraps, leaving many to guess about her whereabouts.

What is Cindy Makhathini up to now?

However, she once hogged headlines when she was implicated in an alleged affair with Tumelo Ramaphosa, the son of the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In the backdrop of the rumours, many have been wondering about her whereabouts. After all, she is living large and living it up in Mzansi.

Summer bodies are undoubtedly made in winter, and Cindy has a banging body to show for it. The bubbly influencer has been topping trends after her banging photos made rounds.

Many were more than convinced that she had splurged millions on her picture-perfect body. Here are some of Cindy Makhathini’s pictures that have left many drooling.

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