WATCH: You smell like cow pee; Slik Talk insults Big Zulu

WATCH: You smell like cow pee; Slik Talk insults Big Zulu

WATCH: You smell like cow pee; Slik Talk insults Big Zulu

Mzansi’s controversial YouTuber Slik Talk has once again torched a storm on social media after he publicly insulted South African rapper, Big Zulu. Motormouth Slik Talk insulted Big Zulu after threatening to slap him.

The whole debacle between the two started after videos of Big Zulu and Lasizwe crying on Instagram Live over Riky Rick’s death emerged.

Slik Talk took aim at Lasizwe and Big Zulu for “clout chasing” on the death of Riky Rick.

“There are people that are crying on their Instagram Live. These people have no shame. Somebody just lost their life and you have the time to cry on your Instagram Live.
“Come on bro, stop being an undercover clout-chaser. Then what’s worse is n*****s are dropping songs a day later” Slik Talk said in his YouTube video.

Responding to Slik Talk, Big Zulu said that he was not going to pay Slik Talk to slap him just like Cassper Nyovest did when he beat him at the boxing match. He said he was going to slap Slik Talk the next time they meet.

“Ngeke ngikubhadale ngisho iCent ukuth ngikuphonse impama sphukuphuku kim uzoyithola mahala nje lasohlangana khona nxe,” Big Zulu wrote on his Twitter.

Responding to Big Zulu’s tweet, Slik Talk clearly stated that he was not scared of Big Zulu and went on to diss Big Zulu’s dreads saying that he has a ‘blanket’ on his head.

“So I woke up this morning to find am being threatened by Big Zulu. Talking about when he sees me he gonna slap him. Get the f** outta here Big Zulu nobody is scared of you and those big dreads, those worn-out dreads my ngga, nobody is scared of that blanket on your head my ngga.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Slik Talk went on to claim that the last time he saw Big Zulu, he smelled like cow pee.

“This is the same Big Zulu that l met at the Cassper Nyovest boxing match and this man was smelling like cow pee.This men was fcken smelling like cow pee and now all of a sudden he is a fcken tough guy.”

Slik Talk called Big Zulu’s music garbage

“Nobody is scared of you and your tough guy talk. I never liked you as a rapper, I don’t respect you as a man. I think your music is garbage. Your raps are trash my n*gga.”

Watch the video below:

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