WATCH: Shona and Connie set the record straight on firing actors

WATCH: Shona and Connie set the record straight on firing actors

Shona and Connie Ferguson have responded to questions over why they keep firing actors from their shows.

Since a revealing letter by veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara last year, public opinion of celebrity couple Shona and Connie Ferguson has not been in their favour.

In her letter to Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa, the “Igazi” star accused Ferguson Films of exploiting actors while they bag millions.

Since the letter, public opinion of the couple has changed.

Following the departure of big stars like Rami Chuene, SK Khoza and Motsoaledi Setumo from their hit telenovela “The Queen”, questions about the couple and how they treat their staff have constantly made headlines.

Now the couple has finally responded to questions of why “they were firing people”.

During a Instagram Live chat with Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus on “The Queen”, they were asked the question, “Why do they keep firing people?”

This prompted Shona Ferguson to respond with: “Who’s fired?”

“This is a soap, it’s a telenovela…characters come and go, that’s how soaps operate. It is for a story and sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. This is not something exclusive to ‘The Queen’…It happens everywhere and it happens every time,” Connie responded.

Shona then said that people get bored at seeing old faces and they hire new talent which evidently will lead to a character getting written off.

“This reality of what we do is you are going to see new people in and out, it is the nature of storytelling. When people watch a show, they get to a point one year later where they say we are tired of these people, what else can you give us. Now if I am going to give you something different and something new, somebody has to go”, Shona said.

Watch the full video below:

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