Watch: Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video has social media talking

Watch: Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video has social media talking

Watch: Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video has social media talking

Africa’s number one female DJ, DJ Zinhle posted Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video o her Instagram stories, which has divided social media.

Indeed, it’s drama after drama, and it seemed that whatever DJ Zinhle and Murdah were doing was getting fans’ attention.

Murdah Bongz got emotional a few days ago and cried on stage, leaving fans assuming he is having a tough time back home.

Some claimed it was natural with music, but the issue was fueled when DJ Zinhle spoke of missing AKA through her Instagram stories.

Many fans said she was disrespecting her husband, and the babysitting video worsened matters.

Only a few hours after DJ Zinhle shared the video, it was already making rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

Many fans felt empathy for Murdah Bongz, saying he needed to be saved.

Some seconded the notional, saying things that were tough to swallow.

On the other hand, some fans saw the positive of Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video.

These fans noticed that he was bonding with his children, which was good.

They even praised him for excellent fatherhood skills that only a few men can do.

The debate continued, and it doesn’t seem like it will be ending soon.

Below is Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video that left some fans claiming he needs to be saved.


The controversy all started when AKA passed away and the way DJ Zinhle had been mourning.

The Forbes family restricted Murdah Bongz from attending the funeral, and Zinhle’s continued mourning is not sitting well with many fans.

Below are some of the divided comments from fans on Twitter:

“Absent fathers calling a dad just being with his kids babysitting, it’s not babysitting its my jus a father being with his kids”

“Cameras will be the end of us ngenye imini”

“This is called being a Father..some of you are so estranged with it that you start calling it names”

“I’m pretty sure when the baby cries, he cries as well.”

“While Dj is trying to find out the heavens visiting hour”

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