Watch: Mihlali Ndamase flaunts a beautiful ring on her finger

Mihlali Ndamase flaunts a beautiful ring on her finger

Watch: Mihlali Ndamase flaunts a beautiful ring on her finger

Watch: Mihlali flaunts a beautiful ring on her finger! In recent months it was alleged that Mihlali Ndamase and her boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe had gotten married traditionally.

A few images from what looked like lobola negotiations surfaced on social media, fuelling the speculation. However, Mihlali and Leeroy neither confirmed nor denied the speculation.

Posting on her Instagram stories on Friday afternoon, Mihlali shared a video in the elevator, looking as gorgeous as always with a stunning ring on her finger.

Was this Mihlali’s confirmation that she got married? What are your thoughts?

Ever since it became public knowledge that Mihlali Ndamase and businessman Leeroy Sidambe are an item, the beauty influencer has come under public scrutiny – some people have gone as far as labelling her a homewrecker.

During an exclusive interview with Kaya FM, Mihlali addressed the backlash she’s been getting.

“There’s just been a lot of talk and I’m like since I’m the hot topic let me own it,” she told Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka.

Mihlali went on to say that “everyone is entitled to having their own opinions. That’s what you sign up for when you are in the public space. They are allowed to share and talk. “

The beauty influencer believes her work speaks for itself.

“I’m glad that I came into this space at a point where I was just about sharing my craft and that’s what it’s always been about. My personal life has nothing to do with my business.

“I don’t seek validation from people. Especially in that aspect. I really try and not let their opinions get to me and also, I feel like I’ve built a successful business at this point. Outside of all the noise and I’m just going to keep on going.”

Sol Phenduka also asked Mihlali about the negative PR she has received and how has it affected her brand.

“I do believe that there is to an extent. Because at the end of the day things that are said can have a bit of harm to your brand. But at the same time, it all depends on what you have established your brand on. Especially if your work speaks for itself and whatever it is that people are trying has nothing to do with how you’ve established your brand. Then it’s just going to be PR at the end.”

Mihlali has had conversations with the brands she works with about this as there has been no wrongdoing on her part.

“I’ve had conversations with my brands and I haven’t done anything harmful at the end spoken ill of anything.

“Treat women better. Stop killing and stop abusing women, and stop raping women. There’s nothing wrong with consensual sex – you guys shame women for having consensual sex but at the same time you guys want to strip that away from women when it suits you. And I think respect women. Women are nurturers. They empower people and they give so much love so can you do the same for us.”

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