Watch: Media personality Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon lands herself in hot soup

Watch: Media personality Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon lands herself in hot soup

Watch: Media personality Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon lands herself in hot soup

This after she made homophobic remarks and angered the LGBTQI community during her appearance on the season premiere of Cheeky Palate.

The first episode of the much-anticipated reality TV series had everyone’s tongues wagging as some of Mzansi’s most profiled guests were tackling the issue of spirituality.

Phat Joe, who is the host of the show, kick-started the conversation by asking his guests their views on the Pastor Maponga incident which saw him being taken to the Human Rights Commission after he allegedly referred to gay people as animals.
That saw seasoned presenter Gerry joining in mid-conversation, saying the word of God is clear and according to it, homosexuality is a sin.

“The word of God is very specific. The bottom line is the word of God is very clear that homosexuality is a sin.”

“Having said that, the first command is to love. And in that it vein it would not matter who you are, homosexual or not, there is always a place for you at the cross,” she said.

Shortly after making the remarks, Gerry found herself in the firing line as many people were outraged by her comments.

Some people went as far as to ask why DStv is giving homophobes a chance to spew garbage on national television and called for the TV show to be canned.

“They are all homophobes breaking bread on a national platform!! DStv why on earth would you give these people a platform to spew this garbage?” a tweep said.

Popular DJ and queer activist Ntsikelelo Mselani said: “Why does the community always have to be subjected to such violence, all the time? Like make me understand. On NATIONAL TV on top of that.”

Another tweep said: “The same bible that says women must keep silent in church and not be in leadership positions, is the same bible #Gerry – a woman pastor, and uses to peddle homophobic sentiments. I’m actually embarrassed for her.”

Speaking to Daily Sun, founder of the Feather Awards and human rights activist Thami Kotlolo said: “It was very irresponsible of Gerry to make those remarks especially with the harsh experience that queer people face when it comes to religion.

“Another thing that was problematic for me was that the show was broadcasted on a TV station which you would imagine would have a better understanding of the LGBTQI people. For me the show was like broadcasting hate speech and promoting homophobia on national television.”

Thami also said pastors use Christianity to bash homosexuals intentionally.

“Pastor do these things intentionally and it is very deliberate because they choose to focus on certain sections of the Bible, and for people who always preach about the love of God and not to be judgmental we expect a little compassion from them,” he said.

He further said the show lacked representation of the LGBTQI community.

When contacted by the SunTeam, Gerry did not respond to our calls and messages.

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