Watch: Inside Zodwa Wabantu’s new house in Johannesburg

Watch: Inside Zodwa Wabantu’s new house in Johannesburg

Watch: Inside Zodwa Wabantu’s new house in Johannesburg

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, has finally taken the plunge and moved out of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. After months of teasing that she was heading to the big city life, she has relocated to Johannesburg – and she has a cool crib too!

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, 24 November 2020, the reality star announced that she is moved to the city of gold and is finally able to take her career to the next level. Settling into her new home in Lonehill, Fourways, Zodwa shared a quick glimpse of her townhouse as she was busy unpacking. The clip only revealed her sizeable kitchen which was already equipped with many of her appliances, and her cupboards were busing being filled with various crockery that she had transported from her old home.

Zodwa asked that the Johannesburg community welcome her as their new neighbour, and whilst she had just moved in, she revealed that she had to quickly home on a flight back to her previous hometown, to do some business. She stated, “Welcome me as your Neighbour. Tomorrow Back to Durban you see how we gonna do this Business Thing.”

Fans were happy to see her making being moves, and even Johannesburg-resident and industry peer, Focalistic, had sent her a welcoming message in the comment section.

In an Instagram post on Monday, 9 November 2020, Zodwa shared a video of herself captioned with, “I’m Moving to Johannesburg for Good. Welcome me with Businesses & Money”. In the video itself, she went on explain that the main thing she is after is money, and encourages all of her fans to put their best foot forward, and afford her with opportunities to secure the bag. She said, “Please welcome me with businesses, bookings and any opportunity to make me a hustler, a better person and going after money. I am moving to Joburg and I am after money.”

In late October 2020, Zodwa claimed to have been done with the idea of living in both Durban and Johannesburg and was supposedly going to make moves to Nelspruit. In an emotional post she claimed that no one was there for her, and appeared to be having a break down due to all the stress she was experiencing as a public figure.

Zodwa continues to hustle as one of the busiest entertainers in South Africa. With her multiple trips to Johannesburg, it looks like the reality star will finally be able to elevate her career in the new city, whilst trying to balance her work in the various other cities she visits monthly.

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