WATCH | Here’s how Kairo Forbes whips it up in the kitchen

WATCH | Here’s how Kairo Forbes whips it up in the kitchen

AKA and DJ Zinhle’s bundle of joy, Kairo Forbes, is a true mini influencer in the making.

For proof, just peep at her Instagram account.

With her following nearly reaching one million, Kairo sure knows how to keep her stans entertained during lockdown.

With help from “Glammy” Lynn Forbes, who handles her Instagram account, Kairo showed Mzansi how she whips it up in the kitchen as she makes “play food” for her baby Thando.

In a video that will leave you saying, “Gosh, they grow up to fast”, Kairo can be seen in her playroom with baby Thando and a kitchen set behind her.

Like a true influencer would do it, Kairo started off the video ,that she did all by herself, by explaining what she would be making for her doll. She then took her stans through the process of making purple berry fruit.

Be warned, this video is too adorable for words.

Like a proud mother would, Zinhle commented on Kairo’s video: “Yes, you’re very creative my baby.”

Her glammy gave her video the thumbs up.

Zinhle previously expressed on The MVP Club that she was blessed to be raising a child like Kairo.

“She’s very independent, super-kind, very affectionate, very decisive — more decisive than me. I don’t know where she gets it. I’m a new parent so I don’t know if we taught her that or whether she came like that.

“She’s super-independent and I think the independence comes from how Kiernan and I are just always on the road and always at work.”

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