WATCH: DJ Shimza bashed for staged UK fan video

WATCH: DJ Shimza bashed for staged UK fan video

WATCH: DJ Shimza bashed for staged UK fan video

DJ Shimza couldn’t believe his fame when a fan spotted him while he was out in the UK. The 29-year-old had been living it up in the UK, and his trip has been nothing short of exciting.

He has been sharing all of his experiences on his social media pages. It’s not very difficult to see that his work is good enough to turn him into an international star. At least for us.

Shimza shared a video of himself walking about in the streets of London. When he was about to get into a car, a fan shouted: “Hey DJ” from across the street. It seems the DJ is not sure how famous he is after all.

The fan walked up to him, took some selfies, and then asked where he would be playing next. He then asks his manager to tell the fan where he is booked, and the manager says it is a private function.

After this, his followers started questioning the video, saying the incident was staged. Shimza then made a second video where he tells his manager Hannes what some of his followers are saying, and they laugh off the comments as nonsense.

Shimza, whose real name is Ashley Raphala, has been building his profile internationally for a while now, touring and performing in Europe and North America. Shimza’s thrust into the limelight came in the backdrop of his smash hit Akulalwa featuring Dr Malinga. He was born in Tembisa Township in the East of Johannesburg.

The award-winning musician is also a producer who follows DJ Black Coffee’s footsteps as a deep house beat maker. He has been making music since he was 15 years old.

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