Watch Bruised egos and buried hurts on the latest episodes of the Pepper BBNaija Dem Reunion show

Watch Bruised egos and buried hurts on the latest episodes of the Pepper BBNaija Dem Reunion show

Watch Bruised egos and buried hurts on the latest episodes of the Pepper BBNaija Dem Reunion show

It is hard to converse with an ex or would-have-been when wounded self images and covered damages are doing the most talking, and that is something we saw on the most recent scenes of the Pepper Dem Reunion appear.

An adoration square got some broadcast appointment, however the significant idea was a succulent love triangle that includes a “Ghanaian Jollof”, a Nice Guy and a sweet young lady. We was aware of #Dialo – Diane and Elozonam – however we didn’t know there was a renowned Ghanaian hunk in the image. When Ebuka referenced him during the show, internet based life went gaga.

Our ever-smooth host Ebuka opened the show saying the housemates will talk about all the connections from the Pepper Dem season – asking how showcase now?

The show commenced with the most self-evident, Mercy and Ike, the sweet couple who can’t maintain a strategic distance from dramatization. “You were pursuing me outside the house,” Mercy said to Ike, thinking back on how everything began. “Didn’t you send me your location to come meet you?” Ike contended something else.

Esther’s affection square

We know about adoration triangles, however who realized love squares are a thing? Like Nigerian Twitter stressed for the current week, a portion of the ladies of BBNaija have carried captivating turns to love and sentiment on the show.

Esther was in an adoration square during her time in the house as her boat cruised from Tuoyo to Nelson to Frodd, with whom she had a contention on the gathering show when he suggested she has friendly benefactors.

“Everyone recognizes what you’re intimating,” Esther yelled toward him. “I don’t get your meaning by companions in more elite classes?”

Their contention continued forever with the two players blaming each other for not placing in enough vitality to make things work. Ebuka suitably subtitles their circumstance as an instance of things left implied and things not destroyed out opportune.

Diane, MG and Elozonam

In what will be recognized as one of the most notorious love triangles from Big Brother, Diane and Elozonam talked about why they didn’t work, and entertainer Mawuli Gavor assumes a gigantic job in that. The subtleties are true to life; stuff you’d see on splashy Nollywood romcoms (you can get them on the Reunion appear, presently appearing on Showmax).

During the house, #Dialo turned into a thing, and everybody, including Ike, was glad to see Diane and Elo bloom in affection. “In the house, I truly like the manner in which they were together,” Ike said about the couple. “I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I was a shipper, however I needed to dispatch them. Yet, Diane, goodness my God! You wouldn’t tell from the delightful face, however she’s confused upstairs.” Unfortunately, they didn’t work, not this time to the exceptionally attractive MG.

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