Watch: Andile Mpisane & his wife, Tamia break the internet

Andile Mpisane & his wife, Tamia break the internet

Watch: Andile Mpisane & his wife, Tamia break the internet

Royal AM chairperson Andile and his wife Tamia Mpisane‘s video making rounds on Twitter have caused mixed reactions from tweeps. While tweeps are calling out Andile Mpisane for not deserving of Tamia Mpisane, some have since attacked Tamia Mpisane’s skin tone.

Andile Mpisane is feeling the wrath on Twitter as tweeps are calling him a ‘baddie’, following a video of him and Tamia Mpisane on Twitter. In the video, where both Andile and Tamia Mpisane seems to be in a jolly state while racing each other at the garage. Tweeps have concluded that Andile doesn’t deserve his wife.

While some tweeps are gobsmacked and in complete awe with Tamia Mpisane’s beauty, on one hand, Andile Mpisane is catching smoke as tweeps have labeled him with some derogatory names, calling him a ‘baddie’. A ‘baddie’ refers to a woman who possesses certain qualities that qualifies her to be named a ‘baddie’.

While tweeps are eating off Tamia Mpisane’s palm, others are gunning for her head on the silver platter. Tweeps have since compared Tamia Mpisane to Sithelo Shozi, which has always been the case whenever the Mpisane’s are involved. Tweeps are convinced that Tamia Mpisane suffers from pretty privileges and there is nothing more to her that skin color.

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