Watch: Actress Candice Modiselle gets baptized

Watch: Actress Candice Modiselle gets baptized

Watch: Actress Candice Modiselle gets baptized

South African actress, Candice Modiselle is now born again as she gets baptized and has dedicated her life.

Taking to Instagram, the TV personality shared a video of her water baptism and expressed her faith in a statement.

“On the 28th of May, I became a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST. For context, I was baptized as a baby, far too young to understand the magnitude of this moment. I imagine many of us can relate.”

“Now that I am older and wiser, I have decided: To not be casual about the things of The Kingdom. There is an urgency for revival in our nation and we cannot afford to not submit to the King of Kings. This public declaration confirms that I KNOW WHO I AM and I dedicate my life to helping young people discover that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made, set apart, loved, called, and chosen as the righteous sons and daughters of the Almighty. I also long to help us all navigate our way through the hopelessness and brokenness that our nation is plagued with.”

Candice has decided to partner with Christ and she’s excited about her decision.

“I have decided to partner with Christ in all things. Every milestone through Him, in Him, and for His glory.”

She thanked the church, and members of her family for being supportive of this journey; she also reintroduced herself.

“So please allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Tumelo Candice Modiselle and I am a new creation!”


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