VIDEO: Whistle girl brings groove to church

Whistle girl brings groove to church

VIDEO: Whistle girl brings groove to church

The young lady who wowed Mzansi back in 2020 with her whistle-blowing skills on the dance floor, Reneiloe Seemane, has returned online, and this time, she is trending for blowing her whistle in church and hypnotizing the congregation with her melodic and impressive whistleblowing skills.

After getting ahold of a video of Seemane blowing a whistle in church, a Twitter user captioned,

“The whistle lady is now in church .”

Back in 2020, Seemane, 19 years old at the time, became an overnight sensation when she trended on Twitter with her whistle-blowing and dancing talents, Sowetan Live reported.

She is said to come from Lotus Gardens, Pretoria West, and dreams of leading a marching band one day.

She was quoted as saying,

“The whistle with me has always been a must at grooves [parties] because that’s how I keep myself entertained…

VIDEO: Whistle girl brings groove to church

“I guess one can say that the whistle thing came naturally because I have always wanted to play it and be the girl at the front of diturupa [marching band], where the whistle is to direct the rhythm of the drums and the marching of the troops.”

After watching the video of Seemane blowing her whistle in church, Tweeps were left divided in the comment section as they shared their views on the latest video.

Here are some of the reactions:

“ Content will be the death of this generation,” @Letsoal_Matome said.

“What a time to be alive is all I can say,” @ManiSahc reacted.

“You wanna trend for content even in the church, you guys,” @realcebolenkosi asked.

“Take the whistle! The first blow had COVID choking the hell outta us… Imagine what’s about to come!” @Legeti_ wrote.

“So she is just gonna whistle herself all the way up ?” @mbayise_y asked.

“I hate that our mothers are still there and they don’t know this content creation nonsense,” @Mfoka_Jobe wrote.

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