VIDEO: She Can’t Even Keep A Man! – Another YouTuber Roast Bonang

VIDEO: She Can’t Even Keep A Man! – Another YouTuber Roast Bonang

VIDEO: She Can’t Even Keep A Man! – Another YouTuber Roast Bonang

Bonang Matheba has once again been accused of allegedly doing drugs by YouTuber Slik Talk, who has gained his fame by bashing famous celebrities. For many, his constant undermining of famous South African celebs has reduced him to a troll who should not be given the time of day.

In his latest episode, Slik Talk, was bashing Durban born rapper Nasty C saying his career has flopped. He also said his move to America made him a clown because it only reduced him to a groupie and made no impact.

“Your presence hasn’t been felt since 2018, you’ve been flopping for 2/3 years now,” he said. He also mocked him for his newly released song Best I Ever Had, and said he only went to America to waste his money because nobody is even talking about the song. “Everything about that song was horrible.”

After bashing Nasty C, he took aim at musician Zanda Zakuza and media personality Bonang Matheba. Zanda only echoed the words of many tweeps who said Slik Talk should be sued by these celebs he bashes. He then dragged Bonang because she sued YouTuber Rea Gopane for making the same allegations as he did in the video.

He started off by saying he is not afraid of Bonang, in other words he does not mind being sued by her. He might have not said it but Slik Talk alleged that Bonang uses cocaine. “Bonang is a walking vacuum…she is Pablo Escobar’s favourite person,” he accused.

He then said some very defamatory things about Bonang, taking shots at her love life, and pending podcast with Charlamagne Tha God.

Watch clips from his episode below:

Twitter has gone to defend Bonang

Many social media users are rooting for Bonang to sue the pants off Slik Talk, who by the way does not reveal his full name and does not have any social media accounts. So it could be interesting to see how B and her lawyers handle this one.

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