Video: Sechaba Thole breaks silence after the Dineo Ranaka drama

Video: Sechaba Thole breaks silence after the Dineo Ranaka drama

Video: Sechaba Thole breaks silence after the Dineo Ranaka drama

Following a night of drama, as media personality Dineo Ranaka scolded ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole in front of the camera, Sechaba has something to say about the incident.

Sechaba and his friend have made a joke about Dineo yelling at Sechaba in public. Sechaba’s friend recorded a video and asked Sechaba, “Friend, do you not have a headache?” Sechaba held his head and said, “It’s massive, my friend.” Sechaba’s friend then said, “Me too, my friend, whenever I wake up, the devil gets an intense headache,” the two then burst into laugher.

Dineo told Sechaba last night that every day she gets up, the devil gets a headache.

The media personality made headlines when she yelled at Sechaba, and she said the devil has a massive headache when she wakes up. Hence, instead of addressing anyone about the incident, the two friends resorted to joking about the incident instead.

Sechaba said something that upset the radio DJ during their drink out, and she stood up and reprimanded Sechaba, telling him to keep her name out of his mouth. Dineo told Sechaba that he would not use the name Dineo Ranaka for clout. Sechaba was ridiculed and told she only accepted her in the relationship for healing. In the video taken by one of the restaurants’ customers, Sechaba did not utter a single word in his defence. Twitter users also noticed and cited this when the video was doing social rounds. Dineo went in too heavy on Sechaba with the punches as she also asserted how big her stature is over him and that he trembles with anxiousness when he doesn’t get attention from her.

Fans know and love Miss Ranaka for her vocally opinionated character. It got her popularity and stunning amongst her followers. When this video trended, fans expressed how much of a force Dineo is, how much they wish they had a slight bit of the boldness she contained, how much the DJ inspires them to be as vocal. Some people detested how loud she was and felt she could’ve addressed her issues more subtly.

Sechaba’s supporters labelled Dineo a bully and accused her of leaking issues in a private relationship to the public.

The star didn’t want to divulge into what happened or share details about why she caused such a big scene; instead, she posted images of fans applauding her for speaking her mind the way she did.

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