VIDEO: Pissed Lerato Kganyago breathes fire at Musa Khawula

VIDEO: Pissed Lerato Kganyago breathes fire at Musa Khawula

VIDEO: Pissed Lerato Kganyago breathes fire at Musa Khawula

Metro FM personality, Lerato Kganyago has returned to hosting Instagram live sessions where she allows herself to voice out her grievances.

Despite having started the year with the promise to be more consistent on her YouTube channel. It seems that Kganyago still prefers to share her thoughts via Instagram instead of uploading videos.

As such, her latest Instagram live session saw Lerato revisit her angst and disdain for controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula, while also revisiting her past feud with the late Kuli Roberts.

Musa Khawula has been a thorn in Lerato Kganyago’s side as early as 2022. Their feud started when Musa paddled the continuous comparisons between Lerato and Bonang Matheba by referring to her as Bonang Lite. Since then Musa has attacked Lerato as a personality, her marriage and her own fidelity with the recent allegations that she was having an affair with an ANC politician.

Taking to her Instagram live session, Lerato finally addressed the continued bullying she has been subjected to by Musa. Firstly, she made it clear that she has no respect for Musa. Not because he attacks her with the continued comparison with Bonang, but due to him attacking her “womb” and marriage.

Secondly, she let it be known that she has taken legal action against Khawula, which is an additional charge to the other eight that he has. Within that eight, allegedly, there is the inclusion of a murder charge.

Lastly, she clarified the allegation that she has sent people to intimidate Musa. Lerato stated that her brother did go to Musa’s studio where he shoots his YouTube channel. However, it was to serve him the legal documents and tell him to stop what he was doing, and not to physically intimidate him.

Moreover, it was then alleged that in light of supporting her stance that Musa is being paid by someone in the industry to continue tarnishing her name. Lerato then rehashed the bullying she experienced from the late and equally as controversial as Musa, broadcaster and entertainment personality Kuli Roberts.

This is in light of the viral clip which was recently circulated again of the late Kuli Roberts humiliating Lerato in front of her peers. This is as Kuli during their Vuzu roundtable referred to Lerato as “random blacks,” and suggested that it was better she was not invited because Bonang was present during the roundtable.

At the time the only person that was willing to stand up for Lerato and vocalise just how unfair Kuli was, was Boity. The other ZAlebs on the table were either laughing or deflecting, with Bonang clearly feeling uncomfortable as she understood that the matter was also meant to draw a reaction from her.

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