VIDEO of Kelly Khumalo performing rituals emerges

VIDEO of Kelly Khumalo performing rituals emerges

If it is anything that has to do with singer Kelly Khumalo, then you probably know how people are most likely going to react, there is a lot that has been questioned about Kelly.

There has always been this perception that people do not understand her character and with this particular story, one would say that this proves that, in a way.

Kelly did things that have led to some of the discussions happening about her right now, and it might be a new year, but there are people who do not intend on letting her off the hook.

However, that is the thing, Kelly has been pushing her hustle and she has not really been in anyone’s business, she seems like she just does not care what people say about her.

The Jub Jub situation happened a while back as you might remember, the singer was accused of using muthi and people have been waiting for a response from her and she still has not said anything.

And some have figured that she really does not have to say anything, after all, if she is using muthi, then this should not have anything to do with anyone else.

Last night, there was a video that was posted by someone on social media, in the video, one can see Kelly walking on the side of the highway and she was making her way to the what seemed to be a river.

Now, one can see in the video that she stood there and stared at the water for a moment, she had something in her hand that looked like a coin, it is hard to tell what it really was.

Then, she threw whatever it is that she had in her hand inside the water, one would say that this should not even be a big deal, but it was for some people.

After the person posted the video on Twitter, people wanted to know why anyone would post such a video on social media and some saw nothing wrong with what Kelly was doing in the video.

And it turns out that, Kelly actually posted the video on Instagram not so long ago, people saw it there and shared it on Twitter.

If Kelly says or does something that is regarded as controversial, the country will know about that in a blink of an eye, that is how it is for. Now, Kelly has made it in the headlines for a number of reasons in the past year and she is probably hoping that things will be different this year.

But, she could not be shaken last year, she kept her composure, she did that after everything that was said about her on Podcast And Chill With MacG, a podcast with thousands of viewers.

There are videos that Kelly posted on Instagram and it looked like she was sending a message that she is not bothered by what was said about her on Podcast And Chill With MacG.

Watch the video below:

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