Video – Mshoza’s last public performance

Video – Mshoza’s last public performance

Video – Mshoza’s last public performance

Yesterday, 19 November, Mzansi woke up to the sad news concerning the death of Kwaito queen, Mshoza – real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi which hit so many like a shockwave. The last video of Mshoza has left Mzansi emotional.

Her long time manager confirmed the queen of Kwaito died “peacefully” at a Johannesburg hospital today after a short illness.

She had complained about fatigue amongst many other things the night before, her manager’s statement alleges.

“It is with great sadness to announce the untimely death of Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Maswanganyi. The Kortes hitmaker succumbed peacefully in the early hours of this (Thursday) morning. She will be deeply missed as an ultimate entertainer who loved being on stage. Not only did she radiate star quality, Mshoza was a media darling,” read the statement.

Mshoza, for those who didn’t know, was a child star who began her career at the tender age of 10. With all the limelight she was given back in the day, someone would have hoped many to have forgotten her in this era.

But alas, the Kwaito queen continued to own her shine and bask in her fame even on her death bed. Apart from music, Mshoza did much in steering the public.

She hogged so many headlines with her obsession with skin lightening, surgical procedures and her controversial love life.

Like many superstars, she did get enough ups and downs that come with popularity. But sis kept it all under control. Just a short while before her death, Mshoza made a comeback.

Her latest hits included Abantu Bam Laba and Ayina Chorus which she performed on her last public performance back in 2019 during the South African Music Awards (SAMA25) Nominees Announcement at the Alberton Civic Centre.

This was Msoza’s last public performance, watch the video below:

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