Video: Mlindo the Vocalist goes back on the street

Video: Mlindo the Vocalist goes back on the street

Video: Mlindo the Vocalist goes back on the street

In a serious turn of events, Mlindo the Vocalist and his team have reported that the aspiring entertainer, Martin, is rumoured to have gone back to the streets following a temporary successful run.

In August of this year, Mlindo the Vocalist embarked on the journey of searching for a homeless vocalist called Martin. Mlindo the Vocalist had found a viral video of the entertainer and had enlisted the help of his followers to find the musician that was speculated to be in the streets of Johannesburg.

Martin had already garnered a following for his unique voice. So when Mlindo called for tweeps to help him find Martin, it did not take long for the tweeps to get the mission done. The finding mission was initially thought of as a plan to market his upcoming album, but the “Emakhaya” musician made it clear that the intention was to give Martin a chance at fulfilling his dreams to finally being superstar.

Mlindo and his team eventually manage to track down Martin. Mlindo at the time was back in KwaZulu-Natal, and could not meet with because the lockdown restrictions still prohibited travelling at the time. So he entrusted the responsibility to take care of Martin to business partner and manager, Nyiko the Great. Nyiko was set to make sure that Martin was prepared to start hi new life away from the streets and into a set path to superstardom.

At the height of the happy version of the story, Martin had not only bagged a recording deal. But the troubled entertainer had also bagged acting gigs, one such acting gig was to feature on eTV’s “Rhythm City” and the other acting opportunities that Martin had already secured were kept under wraps.

Everyone thought that this was an indicator that Martin was on a one way trip to success and wealth, with a true and inspirational story of literal rags to riches story. But according to Mlindo and Nyiko, things have taken a bumpy turn of events.

In a series of posts, Nyoko revealed that Martin has allegedly gone back to the streets. Nyiko stated that the last time he had any contact with Martin was two weeks ago. It is unclear whether the suggestions of Martin going back to the streets are true or not, but Mlindo and Nyiko have asserted that they are committed to finding him again and will continue to work towards Martin finally fulfilling his dream

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