VIDEO: Inside Jessica Nkosi’s fancy baby shower

VIDEO: Inside Jessica Nkosi’s fancy baby shower

VIDEO: Inside Jessica Nkosi’s fancy baby shower

South African actress Jessica Nkosi’s family threw her a surprise baby shower, and they made it unique and fancy.

A few months ago, Jessica Nkosi announced the news that she was expecting her second baby.

The news left most of her fans happy, and a baby shower was something they could not wait to see.

Whenever Jessica Nkosi does something, she makes sure to go all out on it, and that’s what her family also did for her baby shower.

With fabulous deco all over the place, Jessica Nkosi learned that she needed to be more clever to avoid such a surprise.

A few days ago, Jessica had not been in a great mood after some fans said things about her body change.

This all pissed her off, saying that it was why she stopped posting her pictures recently.

Fortunately, Jessica Nkosi has a wonderful family that appreciates her and threw her a surprise baby shower in a unique way.

Jessica said she had openly told her family that she did not want a baby shower, but they did the opposite.

Her mother and sisters-in-law were at the forefront of planning Jessica Nkosi’s surprise baby shower.

Interestingly, Jessica also said she told them she didn’t want anything fancy, but they didn’t listen.

Fortunately, she admitted that only pregnancy feelings were making her speak all that.

They knew her well, and they went all out to organize a fancy surprise baby shower.

Like never before, Jessica is so happy and she could not hide it.

She penned a lengthy message on her Instagram thanking friends and family for organizing such an excellent baby shower.


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