Video: Cute ‘how to make SA a better place’ the Sbahle Mzizi way

Video: Cute ‘how to make SA a better place’ the Sbahle Mzizi way



Ntando Duma and Junior de Rocka’s daughter Sbahle Mzizi has given Mzansi some advice on how to improve living conditions in the nation, and it will melt your heart.

In a video posted to Instagram, the little star took to social media with a cute and lighthearted message of hope. Unrest and violence has erupted across the country after former president Jacob Zuma was arrested, and Sbahle has asked people to pray and stay safe.

“Hi my name is Sbahle and I have an important message for you. As you know, we are in the pandemic. Now this is the right time for us to love each other, to take care of each other and to unite.

“Please stay safe as our country is burning too. Let’s pray for it and its people. Nkosi sikelele i-Africa,” said Sbahle.

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The tiny star often uses her social media platform to educate her followers about what’s most important to her. Besides mathematics and reading, Sbahle has proved to be a well-versed academic and has life lessons to share with fans despite just three years of experience.

Taking to the internet with a video to brighten fans during lockdown days, Sbahle and mommy have wise words for those who are feeling blue.

Sbahle and Ntando start their day with this self-motivational short poem.

“I am smart, I am beautiful, I am the light, I am leadership,” said Sbahle.

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