Uzalo : Mumsy And Thulani Settle Old Scores

Uzalo : Mumsy And Thulani Settle Old Scores

Uzalo : Mumsy And Thulani Settle Old Scores

The feisty temptress Mumsy played by Nomcebo Gumede and Thulani Shange will shake things up in Kwa-Mashu in October. Mumsy is the previous pastor’s daughter; Pastor Mdletshe who caused havoc wherever she went.

She’s got an eye on Njeza this time around and plans to destroy his relationship with his girlfriend Hleziphi. She might be successful as Njeza has cheated on his girlfriend before with MaNgcobo.

As I predicted, the writers have kept Thulani instead of Godfather. Lilly is the one who saved him. Remember there was a scene where we saw her digging up the grave? And she’s been getting weird calls lately? Those calls are from Thulani.

Thulani will hold Nkunzi’s family hostage and MaNgcobo is going to work with Thulani to steal Nkunzi’s money, who will eventually strike back.

Mbatha loses everything
Mbatha is going to lose his role as the pastor of the KKC in October because of his inability to be faithful to one woman. Madongwe is going to drop him and go back to her house. Qhabanga will go back to his pastoral role, and he and Gabisile will go back to living in the church house. Because Mumsy is the previous pastor’s daughter, it looks like she’s going to seek shelter by Gabisile and Qhabanga. The trio is not going to live in harmony as both Gabisile and Mumsy are headstrong.

Sbonelo’s downfall
Sphelile (Sbonelo’s second wife) is going to get Sbonelo in trouble with the law after he confesses his sins to both his wives.

Sbonelo’s arrest will spell trouble for his mother; Gabisile who was the mastermind behind the killing of Nomcebo and Kehla. In fact, Gabisile will probably take the fall for all the murders because she won’t want to see her son get in trouble with the law.

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