Uzalo Behind The Scenes Secrets Producers Do Not Want You To Know

Uzalo Behind The Scenes Secrets Producers Do Not Want You To Know

Uzalo Behind The Scenes Secrets Producers Do Not Want You To Know

Now that Mumsy is coming back, will the Uzalo writers keep Thulani, or Godfather to give Mastermind competition? Or will they keep Nomcebo to keep Gabisile on her toes?

Word is, the show’s writers have now(today) changed their minds about ending one of the actor’s contracts between, Nombulelo Mhlongo (who played Nomcebo), Thulani Shange (who played Thulani) and Sizwe Khumbuza (who played Godfather).

None of the three actors were fired and their contracts ended because they ran out of story-lines for their characters in the next season. Since the producers are still negotiating Mastermind’s contract, with Mumsy coming back, it is their intent to create another love triangle similar to previous seasons when Mumsy cheated on Mastermind with Bafana(his former best friend). Fans lived for the scandal and drama so much so, that the writers want to up the ante.

Uzalo Behind The Scenes
Thulane Shange and Godfather are villains in the show who determined to revenge their late father and will axe anyone who gets in their way. Since it’s still hush-hush, let’s analyse the possibility of them keeping; Qhabanga’s deceased son baby mama and Gabisile’s rival. If Nomcebo stays, it would mean the end for Gabisile because she killed Qhabanga’s son (the man she’s in love with).

Nomcebo’s departure was the perfect answer to Gabisile’s problem; she would’ve killed two birds with one stone owing to the fact that she wants to get back together with Qhabanga.

In the end, Gabisile may regard Nomcebo as a nuisance and will probably eliminate her as she’s on a killing spree.

If they keep Godfather, it wouldn’t really create a social media storm or bring in as many audiences to the show as he’s Thulane’s lackey. Godfather is a protagonist friend who takes orders from Thulani, and he’s in love with MaMlambo. Unless his character gets a change of heart and pursues other business ventures.

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