Uzalo actress Nyalleng Thibedi: Don’t disrespect our craft

Uzalo actress Nyalleng Thibedi: Don’t disrespect our craft

Actress Nyalleng Thibedi wants people to know acting isn’t a hobby. The actress, who plays Zekhethelo on SABC1 soapie Uzalo, said:

“South Africans need to let go of the idea that acting isn’t an important job.“ They don’t respect our craft because they think of it as a hobby. This is a profession.

“We go to school and can get a master’s degree and a doctorate. I’ve wanted to get this out so people appreciate our work.”

Nyalleng, who has a BSc in chemical engineering, said it wasn’t for her.

“I started acting at a young age. I’d attend acting classes. In my final year of engineering, I realised I didn’t want to be an engineer.”

She wanted to be a performer.

]”I went to acting classes in the US. I went to classes in four studios.”

She assumed little jobs in Mzansi Bioskop films.

“I learnt in the event that you don’t get huge jobs, settle for little ones. I did that until I got the job of Mpho Rankoane on’s Ashes to Ashes.”

She’s amped up for playing Zekhethelo.

“I love that she changes. She’s been an addict, a cop, and a clinical understudy. I can generally allude back to all I learnt in America and apply it.”

Catch Nyalleng on Uzalo on weekdays at 8.30 pm.

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