Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu survives fatal car crash – Photo

Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu survives fatal car crash – Photo

Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu survives fatal car crash – Photo

THIS year has been full of bad vibes for Uzalo actor, Cebolenkosi “Mr Vibe” Mthembu.

And even though he is not sure what it means, it is making him uneasy.

The Imbokodo FM presenter told a local publication his bad run started when he lost his DAD earlier this year.

Just as he was recovering, he lost his voice while on-air and also got into a car accident.

But it seems his bad luck is not over.

This after he got into another car accident on Saturday, 18 December while on his way to the Durban ICC, where he had a gig.

Cebolenkosi said the accident happened on the N3 near Pavillion Mall.

“It was drizzling and I was driving in the fast lane. When I got to the off-ramp, I slowed down and changed to the slow lane. During that process, I noticed a truck had broken down. I applied the brakes and put on the hazards.

“Unfortunately one of the cars behind me failed to stop or brake and crashed into me. I don’t remember much, but I remember the car spinning in the middle of the road. It ultimately faced oncoming traffic,” he said.

Cebolenkosi was rushed to St Augustine Hospital.

“It was a major accident because my car was badly damaged. The front and back bumpers will need major repairs, but I am glad I did not die.

“I only sustained minor injuries on the knee and was discharged a few hours later. I was able to continue with the event the following day,” he said.

He told a local publication he was involved in another car accident two months ago.

“I was on my way to Bhamshela, Endwedwe when a speeding taxi drove straight into me. It crashed into my car and overturned a few metres away. I’m now a bit worried. I’m not sure if my ancestors are trying to send me some message,” he said.

Sharing his other bad luck, Cebolenkosi said he lost his dad Raphael earlier this year.

“I lost my father in January. As I was trying to recover from that I lost my voice in February while on air. My voice was gone for the whole month. “It started as a sour throat and by the time I finished the show my voice was completely gone,” he said.

He described 2021 as the most horrific year for him.

“It’s been a year of bad luck for me. I’m not sure what this means, but either way, it’s making me uncomfortable. I will ask my elders to intervene or even do something for my protection,” he said.

Cultural expert Loyiso Nqevu said: “Car accidents are normal, especially during this time of the year. This is due to a number of factors including negligent driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

“But in this case it could be a message directed at him.

’For example, if there’s a history of car accidents in the family, then this might be a message from his ancestors. This could mean his home needs to be cleansed.”

Police spokeswoman, Colonel Thembeka Mbhele, said: “We can confirm the incident, however, no case was opened.”

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