#Uyajola9/9 – Jub Jub threatens to hunt down Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10

#Uyajola9/9 – Jub Jub threatens to hunt down Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10

#Uyajola9/9 – Jub Jub threatens to hunt down Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10

Uyajola 9/9’s most mainstream have Jub, tongue in cheek took steps to follow Zodwa Wabantu’s new, unidentified Ben 10 sweetheart.

This trails Zodwa Wabantu shared an image of her new Ben 10 beau whom she guilefully avoided the glare of the camera.

She inscribed it “The covering up of Ben 10”

Jub then went to flippantly inquire as to why the Ben 10 was covering up, implying that he is bamboozling suspect.

To which Zodwa tongue in cheek answered that he wasn’t covering up, she was the person who did him. She said she doesn’t need him to be in the open glare at that point said they weren’t cheating yet simply being private.

Jub then tongue in cheek cautioned them to keep an eye out, in light of the fact that he was onto them on the off chance that they slip up.

Numerous fans were not accepting Zodwa’s requirement for security as she never passes up on an opportunity to parade her private life, remembering connections for web based life.

Nowadays being viewed by Jub and his Uyajola team or getting a thump from him isn’t uplifting news.

The media character and artist has gained notoriety for being the con artist buster as he uncovered duping accomplices on Uyajola.

While the Uyajola fans appreciate his perseverance and mind on the show, those on the less than desirable finish of his ability hate the man.

The ongoing Uyajola scene in Sunday saw a man who was busted for tricking tell Jub that he was going to report him to Home Affairs for upsetting their lives.

He applauded back at Jub saying he never meddled while the previous was having issues with his child mom Kelly Khumalo so he should disregard individuals.

Another miscreant in the subsequent fragment hammered Jub and said life was better for them when he was in prison and that prison had transformed him.

Jub obviously consistently takes this is stride and in the event that things get savage, the bouncers are consistently prepared to deal with the degenerates.

Envision Zodwa’s Ben 10 being busted on Uyajola , it would be a field day.

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