#UthandoNes’thembu: MaNgwabe Ready To Pack Her Bags When Wife Number 5 Turns Up

#UthandoNes’thembu: MaNgwabe Ready To Pack Her Bags When Wife Number 5 Turns Up

#UthandoNes’thembu: MaNgwabe Ready To Pack Her Bags When Wife Number 5 Turns Up

On the latest episode of the Mzansi Magic reality show, things get heated when Musa Mseleku brings up the issue of him wanting to marry wife number 5 once again. During a nice family dinner, Musa and his four wives get into a heated argument about him marrying another wife to expand his family bloodline – but the wives are not having it.

Musa Mseleku is adamant on taking wife number 5 and he does not care what the other wives think about this. His three wives MaNgwabe, MaKhumalo and MaYeni all expressed disapproval of sister wife number five, saying she is not needed.

#UthandoNes’thembu: MaNgwabe Ready To Pack Her Bags When Wife Number 5 Turns Up

MaYeni told her husband that she will NEVER accept her should she come and she will not be able to hide it.

MaKhumalo on the other hand reserved her anger and let all the other wives express their disapproval whilst she watched the drama unfold.

Like we have seen week-in week-out, how MaNgwabe is one foot out the door, she made her intentions very clear last night that she will not stay if Musa marries again. This is because of a promise he made to not take another wife after she gets welcomed into the family.

Musa Mseleku refused to be controlled by his wives, especially MaNgwabe because she is the one who gives him problems. MaNgwabe made it clear that she will not be treated anyhow just because she is the last wife

She then further told Musa that she will stay in their marriage if he decides to take another wife. With Musa not backing down and saying he will marry again, and MaNgwabe saying she will leave – there are fears that there will be another wife welcomed and she will be number 4. That means MaNgwabe will be packing her bags and go back home. Should that happen, there will be four wives again in the Mseleku household.

MaYeni also said she will leave should there be a wife number 5. MaCele then quizzed her and asked if because the intention is to expand his family, wife number 5 is a must. What would then happen if Musa impregnates other women? This question was asked by the eldest wife, who by the way said she will reach a time where she denies Musa the freedom to marry wife number 5.

MaYeni said she would still leave should Musa welcome children from outside his marriages. Musa said if his wives want to leave, they can do so.

“They can leave because when I married them they were not single. I snatched them from other men that they were in a relationship with. They are fighting the core of their existence at the Mseleku household.”

“I don’t want anyone to leave, but I will not stop anyone from leaving.”

To become wife number 5, Musa told Daily Sun that she needs to be independent, “She should be a lawyer, doctor or academic. I need an independent thinker, someone who is financially independent with her own views. She must be prepared to give me more children.

“This means I need at least seven wives in order to achieve my goal. At the moment, two of my wives are in support of my dream while two are against it. I will not be discouraged. I know I will fulfil this goal in good time,” he told the publication.

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