Uncle Vinny reacts to being cyberbullied

Uncle Vinny reacts to being cyberbullied

Uncle Vinny reacts to being cyberbullied

Uncle Vinny says he’s been bullied on the internet and he’s taken time to talk against it. The South African entertainer came to limelight around the same time as Kamo Mphela – The two are great dancers and that was their way of stealing the hearts of South Africans. Taking to his Instagram stories, Vinny frowned against those who cyber bully him.

“I have been bullied every time on the internet, never really spoke about it because I am not that person but tell me how would you feel, everyone, speaking shit about you when you actually minding your own business and pushing your own thing, but well I guess that’s how this thing goes.

Uncle Vinny slammed those who said his career has hit rock bottom; he bragged about how he tours international countries as an MC.

“I left Twitter long ago because it was never a good space to interact, used to drop my work and dip, now it turned into a whole circus, how can you decide on someone’s fall off are you God? have you seen the work I put in? better put respect on my name, I am touring overseas as an MC yes, on that part, I don’t have a record under my name. So next time you talk shit about me, gather your facts.

Vinny further called out someone whose name he kept secret; the entertainer claimed the person tried chasing clout using the late rapper Riky Rick.

“My friend showed me that tweet, I thought to myself such a grown man can involve someone who has passed away to draw attraction, are you fine in the head at what cost? Fear hate,”

In conclusion, Uncle Vinny said:

” I am human after all, I have siblings, parents, and a whole life. You guys have an image of me that I have never created, you guys created for me now you trying to form me into your own idea about my life. This situation is Deur Mekaar. But still, it’s all love, I have shared my two cents, you will choose how you take it.

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