Two-day-old baby dies from Covid-19

Two-day-old baby dies from Covid-19


A two-day-old child has become South Africa’s first neonatal Covid-19 casualty, wellbeing clergyman Dr Zweli Mkhize said on Wednesday night.

Mkhize said that the youngster was one of 27 new Covid-19 passings recorded over the most recent 24 hours. The nation’s loss of life presently remains at 339, and the quantity of affirmed cases has move to 18,003.

“Unfortunately, we have recorded the main neonatal mortality identified with Covid-19. This was a two-day-old child that was conceived rashly and along these lines had lung troubles, which required ventilation bolster following birth,” said Mkhize.

“The mother had tried positive for Covid-19 and the kid in this manner tried positive for Covid-19 also. It is essential to value the complexities of the hidden state of rashness.

“We broaden an exceptional expression of solace to the mother of this kid and salute the neonatologists, medical caretakers and all unified and specialized work force who had the troublesome assignment of thinking about the neonate as far as possible.”

He likewise affirmed the passing of a human services specialist in the Western Cape from Covid-19.

“When Covid-19 kills the very individuals who are the bedrock of the national reaction, we feel the misfortune from various perspectives. I need to send an extraordinary tribute to the human services laborers who keep on presenting with respect and empathy, in spite of the genuine dangers they face in the bleeding edge.

“My heart goes out to the family, associates and friends and family of this countryman. We salute her for the commitment she has made to the battle against Covid-19.”

As far as the quantity of cases, the Western Cape was as yet the nation’s focal point, with 11,262 cases – trailed by Gauteng with 2,400 and the Eastern Cape with 2,215.

The common breakdown of cases, passings and recuperations was on Wednesday given as:

Western Cape — 11,262 cases, 210 passings, 5,105 recuperations;

Gauteng — 2,400 cases, 27 passings, 1,694 recuperations;

Eastern Cape — 2,215 cases, 45 passings, 1,036 recuperations;

KwaZulu-Natal — 1,650 cases, 46 passings, 842 recuperations;

Free State — 180 cases, 6 passings, 118 recuperations;

Limpopo — 93 cases, 3 passings, 42 recuperations;

Mpumalanga — 93 cases, 0 passings, 58 recuperations;

North West — 72 cases, 1 demise, 28 recuperations; and

Northern Cape — 38 cases, 1 passings, 27 recuperations.

The figures are from 505,861 tests, with 18,252 done over the most recent 24-hour cycle.

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