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Twitter thinks Siyanda is overdoing on #TheQueenMzansi


Viewers of The Queen have watched with a rising cringe as Siyanda jumps over fire hoops and walks through the lion’s den in her bid to impress the Khozas and win their acceptance as Kagiso’s girlfriend. However, last night Siyanda took it up a notch when she “put on” her best behaviour, even buying food for the people she hopes will one day be her in-laws.

The issue here is that she’s just a girlfriend and Kagiso hasn’t even reached “let me make her my fiancé” stage.


On Twitter, people felt sorry for the girl who is bending over backwards for the rich family. Can someone teach Siyanda that the number one rule of being a girlfriend is: Don’t do wife duties with a girlfriend title please!” one viewer tweeted. The Queen viewers can already tell that Siyanda will regret the length to which she stretches herself for people who never even asked for that.