Twitter puts Khanyi Mbau under fire over Photoshopping

Don’t mess with Twitter because with only one wrong move, you are gone! Khanyi Mbau has never shied away from the fact that she has had work done on her body and how she edits her photos for social media.

Twitter, however, was not pleased when she edited a photo of herself with her brother, Lasizwe. Tweeps only noticed after Lasizwe posted a different version of the same photo Khanyi had posted. One user shared the two photos side by side saying she would be mad if she was Lasizwe. The comments section were quickly flooded with tweeps pointing out all the differences.

Twitter puts Khanyi Mbau under fire over Photoshopping

A conclusion was made that the actress had made an attempt to modify her post by lightening their complexion, making Lasizwe’s nose look thinner and then flattening her stomach.

This got black twitter calling out the media personality for self-hating. What got black twitter even more furious was how she changed Lasizwe’s appearance when he was okay with the original photo. Check out what black Twitter had to say.

Khanyi Mbau hates herself.

She hates her Blackness.

She hates Black features.

I feel so bad for her poor Black daughter.

The complex that Black girl will have ?

I hope LaSizwe takes her to task..

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