Twitter police declares war on two more Miss SA hopefuls – #ZizileMustFall #OneidaCooper

Another two Miss SA contestants have fallen foul to the Twitter police. Only a day following 21-year-old model Bianca Schoombe was put on impact for past tweets of a bigot, harsh nature, models Zizile Mthembu and Oneida Cooper end up exploring comparable waters.

Zizile Mthembu

Mthembu, the organizer of YoziGM Modeling Academy in the Eastern Cape reported her aims to enter the excellence exhibition days back. Also, as Schoombe, it didn’t take long for her past discretions to return and frequent her.

Furthermore, Oneida Cooper’s old tweets, where she supposedly utilized the N-word, has likewise handled her in heated water.

For this situation it’s unmistakably a matter of be cautious what you tweet.

For as far back as barely any hours #ZizileMustFall and #OneidaCooper have been inclining on the Twitter graphs.

A collection of screenshots one user took from a Facebook exchange between Mthembu and another user sent Twitter into a tailspin. The seemingly innocent banter turned nasty when Mthembu mocked her admirer’s teeth. The model was also accused of cyber bullying and being rude to fellow online users.

Twitter police declares war on two more Miss SA hopefuls – #ZizileMustFall #OneidaCooper

Oneida Cooper is also contesting for Miss South 2020.

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